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Wood Destroying Insect (Termite) 

Independent Health Services is certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to conduct wood destroying insect inspections (termite inspections). We comply with all F.H.A. and V.A. guidelines for pest inspections. 

The inspection for a real estate transaction entails looking for the evidence of wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles. If evidence of these insects or even the bug itself is found, a determination of insect activity and need for possible treatment is made at the time of inspection. Most termite inspections take about 20 minutes to complete. 

We check the "hot spots" such as basement/crawl space, garage, kitchen and the homes exterior, and if necessary, other areas of the home that may need to be inspected. 

Any further questions should be addressed directly to our office at (614) 267-4222.


Independent Health Services conducts certified sewage system inspections (AKA septic systems). Independent Health Services has state licensed and Bonded staff to over see the inspections. 

A septic system inspection is required on properties that use a private sewage system before a real estate closing. Our septic inspection checks to make sure that the system on the property is functioning correctly as it was designed. (I.E. dye test, flushing toilets, walking the leaching area and making sure the aerator motor and sand filters are working.) 

If the system is installed correctly, cared for and the septic tank is pumped every 3 years, the inspection is usually quick and the system is approved on the spot. Unfortunately, septic systems are buried under ground and not all problems are evident at the time of inspection. This is why we conduct the dye test, and if needed, we re-inspect the property 24 to 48 hours later and at that time a determination on the working order of the system will be made. 

Independent Health Services is FHA & VA approved.


Independent Health Services is approved by the USEPA to conduct radon inspections for both homeowner information and real estate transactions. 

Independent Health Services uses a continuous monitor that gives 48 individual hourly reports of the radon level in the house. If the test is being conducted for homeowner information the radon monitor is placed in a quiet first floor location. If the test is being conducted for a real estate transfer the monitor is placed in the lowest area that is potential for living without major renovation. When the test is concluded Independent Health Services takes the monitor back to the lab and prints out the report and provides it to the homeowner or for your closing. 

Sellers are required to sign a non-interference agreement prior to testing, stating that all doors and windows were closed 24 hours prior to inspection.

Water Potability

Independent Health Services collects well water samples for potability, which is required on all properties that utilize well water before a real estate closing. FHA requires water to be tested for Lead, Nitrate and Nitrite. 

Independent utilizes an Ohio EPA certified laboratory for testing. We collect water samples for potability analysis with 24 hour- 48 hour results. We also offer well chlorination and water retest, for samples that do not pass the analysis. 

Should the water sample result come back "Total Coliform Positive", this means that the water on the property is considered unsafe to drink according to EPA guidelines, the well must be chlorinated. Independent Health Services can chlorinate the problem well and collect a re-sample usually within 48-72 hours of the first sampling. 

The goal of the chlorinating process is to achieve a result of "Total Coliform Negative" which indicates that the well water on the property is now safe for human consumption, according to EPA guidelines. Independent Health Services is FHA & VA approved. 

Independent also offers a complete water check for owners who require a more extensive evaluation of their well water. This test is for 94 different items and takes 15 days to complete. 

For Well Log/Drilling records: 


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