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Inspections For Realtors, Home Owners, Buyers & Sellers

The original "One Call Does it All" Team, IHS Inc.offers inspections for realtors, homeowners, buyers & sellers.  Our team has over 35 years of experience and we cover inspections in over 10 counties. Request inspections online or call us today for scheduling.





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Our Services

Wood Destroying Insects (termite)

IHS is certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to conduct wood destroying insect inspections.  Wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles can damage your home's structure by destroying wood. Let us help you determine if treatment is neccessary.


Regardless of whether your water is provided by a well or from the city.  IHS offers additional standalone testing of public and private water sources for up to 92 different parameters including arsenic, fluoride, lead, nitrates and nitrites. 


Radon is a radioactive gas and according to the EPA is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer every year (, 02.13.17).  IHS is approved by the USEPA to conduct Radon inspections determining whether this carcinogen is present in your home.  Let us ensure safer air quality for you and your family.


For houses that do not have access to municipal water, wells are  the primary water supply for the home.  IHS tests wells to ensure they're bacteria free and can be trusted as a potable water source for your home.


Natural gas is used as a source of power in homes all over the world. However, a gas leak can be dangerous if left undetected.  Protect your investment with a gas line warranty. 


Septic systems are on-site household sewage disposal systems.  Systems must be properly maintained to ensure functionality and longevity.  IHS is licensed by the State of Ohio to inspect septic systems and help you avoid costly repairs and unsanitary conditions.